Tables to order Loft from solid wood:

We love the charms of a living tree: knots, cracks, and if it has been sharpened by a shashel, then this is generally a godsend! We don’t understand why oak, walnut or ash wood should be putty and paint to make plastic! We do not consider knots and cracks as defects in the product, therefore we emphasize their beauty and process them so that it is convenient to use. Developing a collection of serial loft furniture items, we thought through every detail in order to achieve the best price without compromising the quality and environmental friendliness of the product.

Our loft tables are different from others in that we are very scrupulous in every detail. For a loft-style kitchen, you need a hard-wearing table that will bring joy to every member of the family.

We also produce any furniture and interior items to order. If you have a design project or just a picture of what you like, send us, we can make it individually.

If you have any questions, you can always write or call us.

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Order a loft table made of natural wood